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Oldenburg & Irish Sport Horses
"Show Success in America"

Young Horse Show Series

When you are looking for a unique breed of show horse, consider purchasing from 2 B Dressage Sport Horses, LLC, in Moreland, Georgia. We are one of just a few farms selling world-renowned Oldenburg horses. These fine animals are for those who are looking to further their careers in the horse show arena. Rather than having to go all the way to Germany or Ireland to purchase your horse, we have brought those bloodlines here for you. Many of our young Sport Horse Foals were purchased from High Point Hanoverians in Chestertown, Maryland. These Sport Horses were brought over from Europe, as one of the major contributing countries being Germany to improve on the Bloodlines here in America. 2 B Dressage also sells Irish Sport Horses, which are easy to train with Great minds and are very athletic. Some of the World's Top Eventing and Show Jumping Sport Horses are Irish Bred. Here at 2 B Dressage, we always take the time to handle and train all of our horses from the start at a very early foal's beginning. See all our beautiful Sport Horses at our 40-acre farm. Complete with Olympic Size Dressage Arena and Show Jumping Arena. 2 B Dressage Sport Horses also has a beautiful 12 stall completely furnished stable. Everything a Sport Horse needs to make a World Class Dressage Rock Star.

Young Horse Series Results

Ocala Horse Park, Florida, September 21 & 22, 2019

2 Year Old Filly Sinatra's Symphony by Sinatra Song/ Burggraaf / Ulft wins 1st place with a High Score of 8.94.
Sinatra's Symphony High Score Leader of 2 Year Old Class in Hand at Liberty.

Symphony's young sister, Yearling filly Sinatra's Serenity by Sinatra Song/ Burggraaf / Ulft finishes 3rd with a score of 8.39. In Hand at Liberty class.

In the Jumping 2 Year Old Class, Filly, Manu Fortis Demelza Touch, By Dracula D' Avalon/ Touch of the Blues / Maltstriker finished with a 7.95.

All these young fillies qualified for the Young Horse Finals in Tryon, N.C. in November 2019.

2019 Young Horse Show Final Results

Finals were held at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Sinatra's Serenity

Our Yearling "Sinatra's Serenity" was Awarded 5th place in the country, with a outstanding score of 8.49. This was at the "Young Horse Show Finals 2019" at the Tyron International Equestrian Center.

Sinatra's Serenity

Yearling, Sinatra's Serenity qualifies for Young Horse Show finals in Tryon N.C. 2019. With an Outstanding Solid score of 8.0. "Sinatra's Serenity" is a Full sister to 2-Year-Old -"Sinatra's Symphony," "Symphony" last Years In Hand & Liberty Champion for the 2018 Young Horse Show Year. "Sinatra's Symphony" Also starting off the 2019 show season, with a very impressive 1st place finish in the 2-year-old class- In hand at Liberty Class with another World Class high score of 8.56. She will also join her full sister "Serenity" at Tryon N.C. in November for the 2019 Young Horse Show Finals.

Sinatra's Symphony

The 2019 Young Horse Show Series Finals at Tryon Equestrian center. Our GOV- 2 year old "Sinatra's Symphony", Awarded National Reserve Champion 2019 - In Hand Liberty Class. With a High Score of 9.17.

Yearling Sinatra's Symphony

Winning the Young Horse Show in Ocala, Florida.
With an outstanding score of 8.91.

Sinatra's Symphony wins 3rd place at the Young Horse Show Nationals in Tryon, NC.

Sinatra's Symphony now was Awarded By the "Young Horse Show Series" High Point Champion Yearling of the Year 2018".

Manu Forti Demelza Touch

Manu Forti Demelza Touch

2 Year old ISH "Manu Forti Demelza Touch" At Young Horse Show Finals 2019 at Tryon Equestrian Center. Big Jump, Big Scope and High Scores.

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About Us

2 B Dressage Sport Horses LLC sells World Class Famous Oldenburg Sport Horses and World Class Irish Sport Horses. We currently have several World Class Bred youngsters standing at our farm in Moreland, Georgia, that we look into turning World Class Competition Horses. GOV-Oldenburg Registered Sport Horses that were bred from the Best German Bloodlines in the World and are trained for Dressage will be available soon. Also, some of the Best Registered Irish Bred Sport Horses are also available for Show Jumping and Eventing Careers. Additionally, we will be providing stories behind each horse's success, which will include its birth and show record results, and we will follow up its current status. At 2 B Dressage Sport Horses, we handle and train all-our young Sport Horses according to their age level. Including that they are broke and handled accordingly at the appropriate time in their lives. A Designated Professional Trainer besides the owners of 2 B Dressage handles these youngsters daily. This ensures a Proper Foundation necessary for getting them ready for their new Show Career. If you are looking to advance your Dressage Career, the GOV-Oldenburg Bred Horse could take you right to the Top. For Eventing, Fox Hunting and Show Jumping the Irish Bred Sport Horse may be your next Champion.

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All-Breeds Awards

ISH -"Manu Forti Touch of Dante"

Wins Comfortably the 3-year-old Jump Shoot Class at Young Horse Show Finals at Tryon NC. And, furthermore Being 'Awarded Highest Score and Best American Bred Horse in 2018.

Manu Forti Touch of Dante Jumping Horse Young Horse Show Finals

ISH "Manu Forti Touch of Dante" entering 2018 Jump Shoot Class at 2018 Young Horse Show Finals at Tyron NC with 2 B Dressage Grooms, Kevin and Sonya.

Rider on Dante

Dante Jumping

Manu Forti Touch of Dante'" qualifies at Young Horse Show for Finals in Tryon Horse Show N.C. - 2019


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